Our litigation practice is geared to preventing and containing litigation for our clients, as well as managing litigation with our clients’ broader interests in mind. Clients want to avoid the expense, distraction, and time commitment that litigation can present, but recognize that litigation can be unavoidable and, in some instances, a necessary and even preferred course of action.

Most importantly, clients want any litigation strategy to be aligned with their goals and the needs of their enterprises. We understand this and approach litigation in a way that matches our clients’ more general goals and objectives. We cannot just win our clients’ cases. We also strive to make sure that – when the big picture is considered at the end of the day — our clients feel like they have won too.

We have tailored our practice protocols, case management, and litigation partnerships to our clients’ needs and bring special expertise to disputes that our clients confront. Our work for our clients includes:

Discrimination Cases

We represent clients in a variety of settings where employers stand accused of unlawful discrimination. These include alleged discrimination based on protected classifications under state and federal law, family and medical leave, union activities, and other laws.

Litigation Based on Labor Statutes and Regulations

Modern employment regulations are often managed by state and federal agencies, and many disputes must be litigated before agencies instead of courts. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced with representing clients in claims related to unemployment compensation, worker’s compensation, wage and hour, the refusal to rehire, OSHA, family and medical leave, and in other proceedings before state and federal agencies. We also understand the agencies’ culture and know the personnel that enforce these regulations on the government’s behalf.

Defending Governmental Bodies

Governmental bodies and employers often confront litigation that concerns their status as public entities, and we bring a wealth of institutional experience to bear in their defense. We handle open meetings, public records, employee privacy, free speech, due process claims, and other disputes that are unique to our public clients with the unsurpassed knowledge base of a firm that advises public clients every day.

Labor and Employment Contract Litigation

Employment litigation is often generated by disputes over contracts, whether they are collective agreements, such as labor contracts, or individual employment agreements. Our attorneys recognize that successful litigation concerning labor or employment contracts requires a comprehensive understanding of contract law, labor agreements, and labor and employment law. We also bring the collective experience of attorneys that negotiate labor contracts and employment agreements to bear in representing clients in litigation, and know what matters to prove our case.

General Business Litigation

The attorneys at Renning, Lewis & Lacy, S.C. are skilled at reviewing contracts and representing business clients when disputes arise. We also have experience in reviewing insurance policies to determine whether there is coverage for a particular claim. 

Real Estate / Property Litigation

Our attorneys understand the complexity of real estate transactions, including potential issues regarding property title and property condition. We regularly assist clients with real estate matters and are well-equipped to resolve issues and disputes for our clients. 

Discipline and Discharge

Labor and employment litigation is often prompted by an employer’s decision to sanction or discharge an employee. Our attorneys combine the knowledge and skill of attorneys that assist clients with implementing these decisions every day with the experience and skills to represent clients over those decisions when an action is commenced. As a result, we manage discipline and discharge situations in a way that minimizes the likelihood that any litigation will ever develop but, when it does, we make sure that the body of evidence that supports our clients’ decisions also supports their cases.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Labor and employment litigation is often addressed through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and our attorneys are experienced with the full range of ADR procedures. We routinely handle arbitration, mediation, and other alternative means of resolving disputes for our clients.


We are also focused on providing legal services in other areas that our clients need, such as real estate, general business law, creditor’s rights, and business litigation.

With over 25+ years of experience, we guarantee that we will be able to guide you through any issue you present to us. We are here for you and look forward to achieving your needs.

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