Attorneys Shana Lewis and Laura Pederson will be presenting at the Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants (WICPA) School District Audit Conference in Brookfield, Wisconsin, on the topic Attorney Update: Hot Topics in School District Legal Obligations.

Attorney Jenna Rousseau will be presenting at the WASBO Spring Conference regarding “Key Considerations in School District Real Estate Transactions.”

Attorney Shana Lewis will present at the WASDA Spring Conference on the topic of The Superintendent’s Role in Promoting Good School District Governance.

The firm is a proud sponsor of the Women in Leadership Retreat Living & Learning in Leadership: Courage Over Comfort: Emotional Agility, Vulnerability, Sharing Our Stories, which is a collaboration between Lifeline for Courageous Leadership and the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators (WASDA), and which is taking place in Madison on April 25-26, 2023.

Attorneys Shana Lewis and Laura Pedersen will present Accommodating Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students at the 20th annual Wisconsin Association of School Superintendents Assistants (WASSA) Spring Conference in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

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