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Landlord Rights

Understanding the state and federal regulatory compliance laws is becoming more and more of a necessity of landlords to fully protect your interests. When faced with the unfortunate difficult tenant, it is important that landlords have legal guidance help you make your business profitable while steering clear of liability.

A good landlord attorney can help you navigate the legal minefields or landlord tenant law like:

  • When and how to Evict a Tenant
  • Drafting Legal Documents and Policies (Residential Lease Agreement, Rent to Own Contracts, Reference Check Consent, Security Deposit Settlements, etc.)
  • Drafting Tenant Notices 28 Day/14 Day/5 Day Eviction Notice, Landlord Right to Enter Notice)

Landlord tenant law is highly regulated and complicated. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys work to make sure both parties need to know their rights and responsibilities and work to mitigate any disputes as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our services include:

  • Residential/Commercial Leases
  • Evictions
  • Demand Letters
  • Asset Protection for Landlords & Legal Compliance

With over 25+ years of experience, we guarantee that we will be able to guide you through any issue you present to us. We are here for you and look forward to achieving your needs.

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